Thanks for all that you’re doing. You are improving my living space and creating more space, more light and more energy! I forgot the most important thing: you’re creating more beauty.

Thank you Thank you

S. Sherkin


You have exquisite taste ChaCha.

C. Wood


I called ChaCha several years ago to help me get the energy moving in the abundance area of my home.  I was a single mom with very low income living in a tiny rental home. When ChaCha offered to help me with the Feng Shui energy in my home I knew I could use all the help I could get.

With a few simple changes it went from a totally stagnant area to a beautiful space, using what I already had in my home or cost very little to purchase. It completely changed the energy and felt so much lighter and inspiring.

What happened next is the stuff of fairy tales...

I met and fell in love with an amazing partner.  Money started rolling in to the tune of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have since bought our dream home and we are excited to have ChaCha come and work her magic with interior Design.  And believe me we will be sure to start with the abundance area to keep the blessings rolling in.

If you want to change all aspects of your life for the better, call ChaCha. Working on the abundance area of your home brings abundance in all areas of life! 

S. Wilson


ChaCha, my heart-felt thanks for your wardrobe consulting services today.

I could not have accomplished what we did without your eye and attention to detail.  
Your creativity, intuition and guidance enabled me to return home with carefully chosen pieces that express my individuality and are conducive to my lifestyle.  

I trusted your direction and your authenticity to the decision making process was most appreciated.

Finn Hart


I am happy to pass on a strong recommendation for ChaCha Chapin Design.  I am a commercial shop owner.  When I had to turn an industrial looking office space into a specialty Beauty and Perfume Shop, I engaged ChaCha Chapin to help me.  

The shop was transformed completely, and within my budget.  It was truly a transformation – ChaCha’s use of colour, shape and texture, combined with her understanding of functionality and space created something unique and beautiful.  It reflected my business well and enhanced my image immensely.   The flow of business made sense, and customers loved being in the space.  In fact, people would drop by to visit and say they felt better just being in my shop. 

ChaCha is an artist.  Her flare and talent move her work from attractive to inspiring.  I loved being a part of the process.  She listened to my needs, considered everything I expressed, and worked with me respectfully; introducing me to ideas and ways of seeing my space as extraordinary.  She worked quickly and her commitment and work ethic were outstanding.  

It is with great pleasure that I recommend ChaCha for any design project and space renovation.   Please do not hesitate to contact me for a reference.  

Karen Van Dyck, Vitale Natural Care Inc. 


ChaCha is a magician! Whether its a space that needs redesigning or your wardrobe that needs refreshing, she graces it with an elegance, ease and unique flair. Recently in just a short time she was able to help me revamp a few things for an upcoming business trip …. and all online! She reminded me of some of my favorite style ideas and taught me some new tricks. ChaCha is lovely and supportive to work with. I highly recommend a consultation with her!

Jennings Waterhouse