*When you dress your best you say...

This is who I am, 

This is what I am about,

This is where I am going!

Your world will meet you there.*


I use the word “curator” because I see our lives as works of art and dress is an intimate expression of ourselves. I love to empower women with this appreciation of themselves.

In our initial consultation, I ask you to share who you are and find your desires of who you wish to be in the world. I find this beginning stage exciting and crucial to capture your essence.

The next step involves reviewing and assessing your wardrobe to choose the pieces you like and wish to keep and what works for you.

The final step brings it all together for you. My years of experience as an owner and buyer of a fashion boutique featuring International and Canadian designers, designer of my own fashion line, and my lifelong exploration as a fine artist has trained my eye to appreciate and accentuate your unique beauty that the world is waiting to see.

We can meet online or in person.

Send me an inquiry and let’s get started!