I am often told I have a gift for creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary. I don’t feel that way. I am always creating with an energy-an essence, drawing out the extraordinary that already exists.

I am a self-professed Aesthete, that has had the privilege to experience and be inspired by the natural and cultivated beauty of many parts of the world.

As a Holistic Practitioner of many Modalities (Reiki Professional, NLP, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner) I have been trained to become attuned to both the subtle and physical energies. As a Sculptor, and someone with a life-long passion for all art forms, I developed a keen appreciation and understanding of the elements, that create the exceptional, and the unique in an object, image or space. These are the core aspects that come together and create the work I do as an Intuitive Designer for home and work.

ONSITE and VIRTUAL/ Home and Work

Making a place beautiful is only part of the process. The home must function and it must reflect the sensibilities- the style- the flavor that would nourish everyone. How do my clients see beauty? How much can I input my own aesthetics and how much do I need to draw from them and all the while bringing style, beauty and design into the future.

Invariably, I take people from busy - life, home, mind to a feeling - serenity, order, and possibility.

I have worked with clients virtually. Sometimes people just need help with direction, ideas, and cannot see their way through.