“She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.” Starhawk

I am often told I have a gift for creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary. I don’t feel that way. I am always creating with an energy-an essence.  It is about transforming this into the physical.

Drawing from principles of feng shui and the philosophy and aesthetics of wabi-sabi, these concepts echo my innate passion and sensitivity for nature.  I believe in it’s fundamental beauty, purpose and inspiration in our lives.  As a sculptor, practitioner of Reiki, and designer of fashion, my eye is trained to appreciate what exists and the potential of what could exist.   

It excites me to hear you express your inner thoughts, dreams and desires of how you want to feel and be in your world. I look at your outer world, the space you live and breath everyday-the colours, shapes, form, qi, patterns, and rhythms.  Appreciating these two worlds is essential for this work.  As a Healer of Spaces this allows me to create with you a renewed sense of home and life. 

I look forward to meeting you and your home.